of best development practices
in a controlled environment
Better understanding
of the Snowflake tool
  • Support for Snowflake platform implementation and best practices
  • Training of in-house BI teams
  • Development of Fivetran and IICS integration workflows
  • Integration with data lake (S3)
  • Offering various resources for multiple tasks: data analysis, machine learning, data architecture, data engineering.
  • Provision of a pool of resources for the customer, with specialists acting independently according to the directives of the technical directors.
  • Implementation of DBT Cloud from scratch to modernize architecture with Fivetran / DBT / Snowflake and Microstrategy reporting integration.
  • Technology architecture plan including AWS S3 and Snowflake integrations, integration and error notifications, SQL procedures, data flow automation.
  • Creation of a framework for analysts in a controlled environment.
  • Organizational structuring of data in Snowflake.
  • Dissemination of best development practices for future integrations.
  • Better understanding of the Snowflake tool, creation of reference documentation for BI developers and analysts, and development of reusable procedure templates.