Managing the company’s performance

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Managing performance:
moving from transactional to strategic

The functions within a company that are responsible for managing performance,
primarily finance departments – are expected to act as “business partners”.
With one imperative: casting operational and transactional constraints aside
to focus on agility and the company’s strategic vision.

Make processes efficient

Define the best processes (budgets, analyses, forecasts). Validate the value delivered.

Roll out high-performance tools

Make the most of digital technologies (EPM, data collection). Streamline operations.

Speed up the cycles

Transmit indicators, reconcile accounts, analyze discrepancies on shorter cycles. Gain agility.

Manage the transformation (as well)

Managing and improving the performance of a company or activity (e.g. supply chain or sales) means embarking on transformation projects. Processes and organizations must change in order to support strategic objectives and achieve a return on investment that can be measured… and is measured thanks to EPM and the analytics tools in place.

But in addition to having an impact on processes, the transformation must also be cultural. The strategy must be translated into tangible operational actions that give everyone a sense of responsibility. The manager’s duty is then to instill this performance culture by bridging the gap between business processes and financial issues.

Finance & Performance Consulting
  • Draw on analytics in order to transform
  • Instill a performance culture at all levels

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