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Oracle Hyperion: The Agile Cloud EPM Solution

Oracle EPM Cloud meets all the needs of a financial and operational department.

  • Hyperion Planning, is the complete management control tool for financial reporting and budgeting available in the cloud or on-premise. These proven solutions allow for improved financial forecasting, but also for accurate analysis and management of the company’s performance. Hyperion Planning is known for the speed of its Essbase database engine. The existence of a single application base between the solutions allows for rapid interoperability between PBCS and ePBCS, the cloud platforms.
  • Hyperion Essbase, the most robust and widely deployed multidimensional engine on the market, has the ability to model and calculate any type of analysis, even the most complex, with total reliability for financial reporting.
  • Hyperion Financial Management (or HFM) is the complete and integrated financial consolidation and reporting solution. It will accelerate the closing and production of financial results, meet regulatory requirements and reduce compliance costs.

Hyperion is a true “all-in-one” tool for financiers with powerful, fast and flexible functionality. The extended functionality will be perfectly adapted to the complex needs of large corporations. It is widely proven by financial professionals: more than 4,000 organizations use the Oracle Hyperion suite worldwide.

Solution BI has been a valued partner of Oracle Hyperion since 2010

Solution BI has been a partner on the Oracle Hyperion suite since 2015.

Our certified consultants support our clients’ financial departments through transformation, integration, development and maintenance projects in their financial processes.

According to our experts, Oracle’s Hyperion solution is distinguished by :

  • A complete and integrated offer: the software is characterized by its 360 offer and covers all sectors of your company.
  • Fast and inexpensive implementation: Because PBCS is managed in the cloud, the data centers or cloud servers where PBCS is hosted belong to Oracle.
  • Excel and Web interface : The user interface is familiar to users and completely integrated with Excel.

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