Dataiku, the all-inclusive platform for AI

 Dataiku is one of the world’s leading AI and machine learning platforms, supporting agility in organizations’ data efforts via collaborative, elastic, and responsible AI, all at enterprise scale.

Hundreds of companies use Dataiku to underpin their essential business operations and ensure they stay relevant in a changing world, including models driving fraud detection, customer churn prevention, predictive maintenance, supply chain optimization, and much more.

Dataiku is built for companies looking to democratize AI across their organization, bringing agility and preparedness to the business through the use of data by everyone from analysts to data scientists.

 Executing on Enterprise AI initiatives means organizational change in people + processes + technology. Data science and machine-learning platforms can help transform all three — read the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine-Learning Platforms to learn more, including why Dataiku is a Leader.  

Dataiku, part of Leaders in AI and ML platform - Gartner

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Dataiku clearly meets the growing needs for AI projects from our clients.

The “Flow” allows me to visualize my data flow very easily, instead of having several files everywhere. It saves me a lot of time when cleaning up data and mixing different languages and technologies such as SQL, Python and R in the same project.”

Paul, Data Engineer at Solution BI Canada

Our AI experts will propose a cloud or hybrid architecture aligned with your priorities and business needs. From the outset, we will develop a proof of concept and provide you with a detailed roadmap including a customized migration, governance and security strategy before starting development.

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