Snowflake, the scalable data platform, built for the cloud!

Need to control your various and multiple data flows in a single point? The Snowflake platform could be the perfect ally for all your data in the cloud!

Why Snowflake?
In addition to reducing the time, cost and risk associated with your various data warehouse consolidation and/or migration projects, Snowflake will be a true centralized hub for storing, transforming and analyzing your data regardless of volume and consumption.

What uses?
By relying on this cloud data platform, you could set up a data lake, a data warehouse and even custom datamarts. These data warehouses, as stable as they are powerful, will allow you to manage large volumes with great scalability. Snowflake also offers the possibility to cross your local data (on premise solutions) and external data to reduce integration tasks and focus on the essential: your data!

How much does it cost?
With its scalable pricing system (pay-per-use) and its unlimited computing capacity, Snowflake allows you to start small and grow.

Our Snowflake expertise

Solution BI,  a Snowflake Premier services partner.

With 5 projects of more than 60 days delivered in 1 year, we accompany our customers in their data warehouse migration projects to the cloud. Our analytical consultants are certified by the editor and follow regular training to maintain expertise at excellence.

We will propose a cloud or hybrid architecture aligned with your priorities and business needs. From the outset, we will develop a proof of concept and provide you with a detailed roadmap including a customized migration, governance and security strategy before starting developments.

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