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Vena Solutions - Learn From the Leaders in Finance-Led Business Planning

Vena connects people, existing systems and data to power finance-led business planning and real-time reporting. Vena’s Excel interface combines unmatched integrated planning capabilities with the world’s leading spreadsheet platform so cross-functional teams can work together under a shared vision. Over 800 of the world’s smartest companies map out their growth journeys with Vena.

Add up to more with Vena:

  • Agile Planning & Reporting:  Quickly test your assumptions with advanced scenario modeling so you can visualize how changes will affect your revenue and expenses.
  • Dynamic Financial Reporting: Vena’s native integration with Microsoft Power BI brings your overlooked data to life. Tell your financial story using interactive visuals and dashboards. Create dynamic reports directly from Microsoft Excel with ready-made templates and a drag-and-drop interface. View your company’s latest financial data—from any device.
  • Integrated Business Planning: Vena breaks down planning siloes across the organization by transforming your operational and financial data into an integrated planning ecosystem. Get high-level revenue projections with the ability to drill down into the details of a single cell.
  • Budgeting & Forecasting:  Create real-time, long-term forecasts in minutes—based on data from a single source of truth—so you can make the decisions that drive your business. Get to know your business from every angle with the forecasting tool that takes you further.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting: Vena and Excel come together to save you time and to simplify your process. Use your existing, custom-built report templates and formulas, assign tasks to users and send out follow-up notifications. Automatically extract data from your source system, receive alerts about upcoming deadlines and add supporting documents to your reports.
  • Financial Close Management:  Perform financial close processes, from data collection, account reconciliation and inter- company transactions to all  multi-entity processes, such as currency conversions and minority interest calculations. At period-end close, automatically put your entries in the right place, whether it’s your general ledger or ERP.

Our Certified Expertise on Vena Solutions

Solution BI Canada, your trusted partner of Vena Solutions in Quebec

We believe that Vena Solutions is a leading tool in its field, offering the following benefits:

  • Flexibility: The software is highly customizable and user friendly.
  • Support: Vena has the most experienced team of finance process management and technology experts in the industry.  
  • Integration: Powerful ETL allowing you to easily transform and load data from several external sources without manual manipulation

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