Application of planning and analysis of material costs and quantities consumed


Willingness to analyze the quantities of materials and the costs related to the production of finished products.

A BOM (Bill of Material) represents the assembly of raw materials and semi-finished products of a final product.

Note: The complexity associated with this type of concept comes from the fact that the BOMs can be on several levels.


Target User Population

  • Industrial management control.
  • Purchase management control.
  • Planners
  • Buyers

A succinct description of the implementation of this type of application and the added value it can provide to the users.

Realization of a multi-dimensional application allowing to:

  • Know the composition of a product in raw materials.
  • Know the overall consumption of raw materials (and semi-finished product if needed) of a factory/company with the possibility of zooming on the axes of analyses as a product for example.
    • Use of the power of multidimensional technology by being able to aggregate and zoom in on all the axes of analysis.
  • Carry out the reporting of the data carried out
    • Production of finished products (and semi-finished) over a given period.
    • Actual raw material consumption associated with this production.
    • Actual cost of a finished product over a given period of time.
  • Planning the activity (budget/estimated/rolling forecast)
    • Simulation of the need for raw materials of a given period by integrating forecast volumes and estimated BOMs (which allows buyers to know the future supply of raw materials)
    • Simulation of the cost of the finished products by incorporating commodity prices.
    • Dynamic Simulation by changing the parameters.
  • Carry out various analyses
    • Confrontation of the real and the forecast in order to make economic decisions
    • Analyze the material variance in quantity and price compared to standard data. (e.g: Comparison of the amount of material actually consumed and the theoretically consumed quantity from the BOMs 5Bill of materials° defined in the budget for example)
    • Analyze the impact of fluctuations in the cost of raw materials.

Process and Sourcing:

Fully automated Process from sourcing data using an ETL

(From operational systems such as SAP, AS400 …) to data retrieval.

The supply can also be done manually if the company does not have BOM management in its transactional system or if it does not have the proper tools to do the extraction.