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Based on 20 years of expertise creating custom applications, we developed standardized applications to answer clients needs.

With many years of experience reporting for our worldwide customers, we have decided to apply our knowledge in offering professional SaaS applications dedicated to improve business performances.

What is Saas Model?

SaaS (software as a service) is a software business model in which software is hosted on a remote server rather than on the user’s computer (or intern hosted servers). As deployment is much faster, it allows to speed up projects, pay fewer costs and free yourself from all technical constraints as infrastructure.

Why BI applications?

Today many solutions provide Marketplace Analytics or starter kits that allow for rapid testing of BI or EPM service in a specific area (finance, marketing, logisitics, HR, sales, etc.). However, these solutions cannot be used for company reporting.

SaaS analytics applications that we developed are the answer to 90% of our customers’ needs. These applications cover reporting and forecasting needs.

These business solutions have been developed in cooperation with our clients and some professional consultants and designers.

Our applications :