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Caramel Loyalty Analytics

The multiplication of distribution channels has led to a transformation of consumption habits. Buyers have become much more volatile and brand attachment is becoming rarer. To regain consumer confidence, brands need to customize their marketing. Solution BI has developed CARAMEL, a customer loyalty analytics application.

CARAMEL : Solution dedicated to companies which run a customer loyalty program

We developed a solution dedicated to all brands which run loyalty programs. This application provides customer behavior analysis on your smartphone or tablet 24/7 on a single interface.

Get your KPIs at a glance

Your KPIs are easy to reach anywhere, anytime :

  • Acquisition
  • Penetration
  • Frequency
  • Average Transaction value
  • Redemption
  • Fidelity point use
  • Comments & complaints

As well as many other critical data.

Essential functionalities for your daily management

Caramel is a powerful solution with features such as :

  • Comparison of your KPIs between them
  • Easy development of your own dashboard in minutes
  • Automatic report distribution
  • Dynamic updates for your Microsoft Office and PDF documents
  • Critical alerts for monitored your business metrics

A tool tailored to your needs

You can decide what information your co-workers will see by moderating staff’s access.

Drill down into your data to discover hidden details using filters and segmentation.

Pamper your clients

By knowing better your customers’ expectations, you will know how to pamper them. In taking effective action, they will perceive the added value of your brand. Satisfied customers will turn into brand ambassadors.

Data-driven decision

Thanks to CARAMEL, your customer database analysis is more complete and accurate.
Answers already exist in your data !

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