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OptiMall Analytics

Based on the assessment that malls managers waste a great deal of time cross-checking their information and risked finding themselves making certain strategic decisions in an arbitrarily fashion, Solution BI applied its Business expertise to provide an effective professional solution. We have collaborated with specialists in mall management to develop OptiMall, a tool which will help your day-to-day management.

OptiMall : Solution dedicated to mall owners and managers

OptiMall Analytics is dedicated to mall owners and managers. This application provides analytics on your smartphone or tablet 24/7 using a single interface.

Get your KPIs at a glance

Your KPIs are easy to reach anywhere, anytime :

  • Footfall
  • Occupancy
  • Receivables
  • P&L
  • Social media, customer satisfaction
  • Tenants information…

As well as many other critical data.

Essential functionalities for your daily management

OptiMall is a powerful solution with features such as :

  • Comparison of your KPIs between them
  • Easy development of your own dashboard in minutes
  • Automatic report distribution
  • Dynamic updates for your Microsoft Office and PDF documents
  • Critical alerts for monitored your business metrics

A tool tailored to your needs

You can decide what information your co-workers will see by moderating staff’s access.

Drill down into your data to discover hidden details using filters and segmentation.

Access your data anywhere and anytime

Access to your vital data anywhere at anytime thanks to offline access, from computer, tablet or smartphone.

 Data-driven decision

No more wasting time on subjective decisions, OptiMall provides you the keys to make the right decisions at the right time!
Your success lies in your data!

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