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SAAS BI SOLUTIONS / Propeller Financial Reporting

Propeller Financial Reporting

Today strategic decisions are based on multitude of data sources and must be taken more and more quickly. In order to help companies improve their decision-making process, Solution BI has applied all its experience to develop Propeller, a tool which monitor and help driving performance.

Propeller : A strategic tool dedicated to decision makers

Propeller is a BI solution dedicated to CFO and CEO. This application provides financial analytics on your smartphone, tablet and desktop 24/7 on a single interface.

Data-driven decision

With Propeller optimize your decision-making process:

  • Monitor your organization’s strategic objectives
  • Measure and drive performance of the organization
  • Understand pain points and bottle necks
  • Take the right decisions at the right time
  • Adopt good management rules
  • Achieve your goals

Dynamic Tool

With Propeller you shall be able to:

  • See and monitor key information and KPIs at a glance
  • Centralize your data from all sources in one place and therefore have a single source of truth
  • Drill down to details in a few clicks
  • Access easy to read graphics or scorecards tailored to your requirements
  • Analyse trends and compare to historical data
  • Easy to read graphs or scorecards from your needs


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