Arbitration and Consolidation of Budget Data


Collect budget data to consolidate the annual budget of the activity. It is carried out by setting up questionnaires for management controllers. These questionnaires allow a dialogue between the different interlocutors and a control on the data entered.

Targer User Population

Financial Management / Controller

Succinct description of the implementation of this application and its added value

Creation of a multidimensional application that allows:

  • Planning data collection campaigns
  • The implementation of questionnaires with an additional layer of control over the data entry
  • Monitoring the progress of the campaign
  • Integration and arbitration of data entered to challenge entities

Process and Sourcing

  • Process based on questionnaires sent to entities


  • The data input control layer ensures the quality of the data integrated in the information systems.


  • The administration tool allows a dialogue between the central and entities to validate the integration of budget data, but also to make corrections if necessary.