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Realization of daily reporting for the daily follow-up of the loading of the decision-making database


Context As part of a project to overhaul a decision-making system, the implementation of load tracking was requested. Each day, data from the operational database is transferred to tables in the decision database (Operational Data Store[ODS], Datawarehouse[DWH] and DTM[Datamart]). A Microstrategy document was requested by the customer to track the ...

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Arbitration and Consolidation of Budget Data


Context Collect budget data to consolidate the annual budget of the activity. It is carried out by setting up questionnaires for management controllers. These questionnaires allow a dialogue between the different interlocutors and a control on the data entered. Targer User Population Financial Management / Controller Succinct description of the ...

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Reporting for the Management Board

reporting pour

Context Reporting for the management committee, customers and sales force (trend, budget, variance) Targer User Population Management committee / Sales force / purchasing department Succinct description of the implementation of this application and its added value Creation of a multidimensional application that allows to:Willingness to have a common repository Willingness ...

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Budgeting from an Essbase solution


Context The finance team wants to integrate a budgeting tool Targer User Population Finance Succinct description of the implementation of this application and its added value Budget planning tools, simple and powerful. Strong point: Connected with Excel, optimal for managing finance teams. TTCT Application: AR1 SAP P&L Application: P&L by ...

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