Assistance for project management


Continuous improvement of the Controller’s activity: Automate the various processes and activities in order to reduce maintenance (in production)

Targer User Population


Succinct description of the implementation of this application and its added value

  • Understanding the business activity
  • Framing and definition of customer needs
  • Optimize current treatments by implementing evolutions
  • Writing detailed functional specifications
  • Increasing the effectiveness of the Management Controller
  • Improving financial analysis
  • Time saving for the financial controller
  • Capitalising processes

Two teams work together, Level 1 and Level 2.

Team Level 1 has the following activities: (described in detail in the following sections)

  • Preparation of Application Improvement Process
  • Writing detailed functional specifications
  • Recipe of evolutions (monitoring, strategy, recipe…)
  • Communication to users on projects or processes implemented
  • Facilitation of workshops with the trade to take into account developments
  • Link with the teams of the different source and target applications during activity monitoring and tests

Interactions between the two teams:

  • The Level 1 team reports user requirements to the L2 team for taking into account and correcting anomalies and/or incidents.
  • The Level 1 team transfers elements relating to future evolutions to the Level 2 team and provides support to bring its business
  • expertise on the Essbase design for certain user requests.
  • When creating upgrades or detecting anomalies in production by users, the Level 1 team ensures that they are taken into account for
  • the next release.

Level 2 exchanges with the aMOA team and takes care of it:

  • Development and integration of all Essbase application evolutions
  • The design of the technical solution and its costing, which are validated by the aMOA.

Process and Sourcing

  • Process Split L1 Vs L2
  • SAP
  • MS BI