Automatic Asset Under Management Calculation


Calculation of the valuation of assets by a distributing entity by country

Target User Population

Controller / Finance / Fund manager / Fund manager

Succinct description of the implementation of this application and its added value

All real estate assets held by product are valued.
A Product is composed of one or more assets that can be located in different countries.
A Country is attached to an Entity (Entity of Management).

There are two types of entities:

  • The distributing entity that corresponds to the fund management entity, i. e. the entity that distributes a product.
  • The Asset Management Entity that corresponds to the entity that manages the assets in each country.
  • An Entity could distribute Products AND manage Assets.

Product distribution and asset management must therefore be managed on a case-by-case, product-by-product basis.

Currently, the valuation of the assets of each product is entered twice: once on the distributing entity and once on the management entity (country).
However, the process will be fairer if the valuation were partly entered on the distributing entity and partly calculated on the pension entity of the country of the asset based on product-defined rules.

  • Automatic calculation => Less manual loading
  • More manual adjustments
  • Reliability in numbers
  • More secure data for reliable reporting

Process and Sourcing

  • Modification of the current and projected process for valuing assets in Essbase:
  • Asset managers and fund managers provide data to financiers
  • Financials enter data into Essbase
  • AUMs are calculated based on AUDs according to calculation rules