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Financial controller: the new “Pilot 3.0”

Financial controllers do much more than juggle figures; they are “pilots”. They have become responsible for maintaining the stability of business and analyses and play a key role in decision-making processes, as well as working across the company and all its business lines. Today’s management accountants must now also deal with a new factor that is making their job even more complex: an avalanche of data. Their role places them at the very heart of data management and each of its facets: checking, extraction, collection, and analysis. Within the company, this means they are among the players most likely to be “engrossed” in data!

BI for financial control

As data volumes explode, compiling Excel spreadsheets manually is becoming a time-consuming task preventing management accountants from focusing entirely on the strategic and decision-making aspects of their job. From budget planning to financial statements to rolling forecasts, a wide variety of BI solutions with responsive, easily-grasped and highly user-friendly interfaces are now available to simplify their tasks. A winning investment that will transform financial controllers into genuine “business partners”!

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of management accountants believe that analyzing large volumes of data will provide a better measure of performance

Source : Observatoire du contrôle de Gestion DFCG


of financial controllers believe Big Data boosts their analytics capabilities

Source :


of financial controllers still spend most of their time drawing up plans and budgets

Source :

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