Data for sales forces: selling more, and selling better

Good inter-personal skills, a taste for challenge, and in-depth knowledge of the customer: the key skills every successful salesperson should have never change. However, the advent of Big Data is transforming the methods used by the profession. This avalanche of data is an opportunity to learn even more about targets and markets. More flexible and more accurate, digital tools are set to become invaluable companions for sales forces.

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BI for sales forces

Data are revolutionizing sales forces, enabling them to anticipate purchases, model needs, build loyalty, and get a big-picture view. BI solutions do not just make life easier; they also make it more agile. Used in conjunction with a CRM system, they greatly increase your sales fire power. The latest-generation dashboards enhance teamwork thanks to their more attractive style and greater ease of use. By paving the way to better-targeted and higher-quality actions, BI solutions set you free to focus on the most strategic aspect of your job: selling.

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of decision-makers will look to automation and predictive algorithms to improve their client processes in the years to come.

Source : Markess by exaegis


The percentage by which annual revenue goals are exceeded when sales forces use their company's CRM system

Source : Aberdeen Group


of sales managers say that using CRM helps them boost sales

Source : Hubspot

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