Creation of an internal data visualization application and marketing department support


The Marketing team wants to analyze and understand the sales statistics of each store in the form of a dashboard

Targer User Population

Project owner of the Marketing department / Controller / Network leader

Succinct description of the implementation of this application and its added value

  • Track sales data
  • Establish sales & products & purchases statistics
  • Establish statistics by store per product
  • Recognize the policy of the various stores
  • Evaluate the sales performance of each store
  • Report to establish a diagnosis of company policy
  • Reporting and analysis of competitors / stores

Process and Sourcing

  • Data recovery on SAP and ORACLE
  • Reporting on Microstrategy
  • Connecting to client DBDs (in Oracle form) with DBVizualiser
  • Submission of anomaly & change & expression of need in the form of tickets via Jira.