Cube and Reporting for the comparison of financial data vs. supply chain


Following a project to consolidate the PNL (Profit and Loss) of a company’s subsidiaries, asking them to plan europe has expressed the wish to compare their forecasts with those of Finance.

Target User Population

Demand Planners: Europeans

Person in charge of production forecasts + follow-up

Succinct description of an Application of this Type

The demand planners analyze their forecasts and compare their data with that of the financial controllers.

  • Setting up an ESSBASE cube
  • Demand planners budget forecasts
  • Recovery of data from the cube financed by demand planners
  • Comparison of data
  • Cube allows very graphical reporting in Dodeca
  • Dodeca serves as a management interface for the user

Process and Sourcing

  • Essbase, multidimensional data tool
  • Dodeca reporting tool, SQL data reporting tool