Customer management’s desire to integrate and analyze sales data from around the world shared by one of its retail customers

Targer User Population

Client management

Succinct description of the implementation of this application and its added value

Integration of sales data under different visions:

  • Reporting of two types made available:
  • raw “display of integrated data
  • Customizable analyses

Creation of 2 types of visualizations:

  • The first ones allow the customer to find a format analogous to the data files provided by his customer of the supermarket. This allows a smooth transition between the files he was looking at before and more advanced reporting.
  • Customizable reporting: a user can therefore build his own analyses. It has at its disposal all the possible indicators and dimensions and it can by simply responding to prompts create its own reports and analyses.

Process and Sourcing

  • Integration of flat files (on demand: launching of jobs by the business screw one axis)
  • Handling by scipting korn shell
  • Microstrategy Reporting