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Field of Property Trading


Consult the flows and values of purchases and sales of goods in order to determine the margin.

Target User Population

Management Controller/ Buyer / Seller

Succcinct description of the implementation of this application and its added value

Realization of a multi-dimensional application allowing to:

  • Automatically import commercial and accounting data.
    • Import of data in volumes and value concerning the flow of goods (purchases, sales, transfers …)
    • Integration of notions of gains/losses in exchange if necessary.
    • Integration of storage data (quantitative and financial information).
    • Integration of transport data and other logistics costs.
  • Automating reporting for affiliated groups.
  • Perform planning and simulation exercises by incorporating various assumptions.
  • Calculate margins by product/customer/supplier.

Process and Sourcing

Fully automated Process from sourcing data using an ETL
(From operational systems such as SAP, AS400 …) to data retrieval.