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EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) and CPM (Corporate Performance Management) tools
now play essential roles in helping companies perform their planning and data consolidation functions.
Our certified BI consultants implement solutions based on the cloud or your company’s functional structures,
in order to unlock the hidden potential within your data.

Solution BI's expertise

Oracle Hyperion
EPM expert

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Applied OLAP Dodeca EPM expert

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CCH Tagetik
EPM expert

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Jedox EPM expert

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EPM expert

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Why choose Oracle Hyperion ?

A single platform in the form of a packaged and modular suite (Cloud / On-premise or hybrid)

Easy-to-read, user-friendly dashboards

Planning, budgeting and forecasting

Financial closure and reporting

Profitability and cost management

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  • Valued Partners since 2009
  • More than 25 publisher-certified consultants

Why choose Dodeca?

Construction, management and monitoring of all spreadsheets via a single agile interface directly from EPM and ERP systems

Compatible with Excel, and easy to use

Compatible with Oracle Essbase, Microsoft and IBM

Optimizes and facilitates Essbase

Secure workflow monitoring

Advanced customization of input interfaces

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  • Partners since 2015
  • 5 publisher-certified consultants
  • Our experts initiated a project to produce in-house video tutorials and rolled out best practices in collaboration with Tim Tow, President of Applied OLAP.

Why choose CCH Tagetik?

Corporate Performance Management tool dedicated to finance professionals

Flexible and customizable

Budgeting and planning

Modeling and forecasting

Consolidation, financial closure and reporting

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  • Partners since 2019
  • More than 10 publisher-certified consultants

Why choose Jedox?

Excel-like solution (easy to use)

Single integrated platform

Intuitive analysis and high-performance reporting

Tailored to a wide variety of business fields

Can be connected natively to QlikView

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  • Partners since 2015
  • 8 publisher-certified consultants

Why choose OneStream ?

A unified, “Swiss knife”-type application (consolidation, reporting, data visualization, validation tracking, knowledge centralization)

Easy Data Platform, a new architecture model for fast, flexible adaptation

Allows a validation workflow to be set up

Application can be accessed directly by the user

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  • 5 publisher-certified consultants

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