Drawing up a dashboard on the analysis of production runs


Price condition applied to the vendor to analyze the activity of the central purchasing department

Target User Population

Purchasing Director and team

Succcinct description of the implementation of this application and its added value

Realization of an application allowing to:

  • Analyze profitability (actual versus negotiated price)
  • Verify compliance with supplier contracts of the central purchasing office
  • Identify areas for improvement in prices and services (globally)
  • Establish KPIs

Realization :

  • Identification of source data (contract type, committed supplies, condition of supply)
  • Data sourcing and validation of rules to feed a data warehouse
  • Creation of a customizable dashboard synthesizing critical KPIs to improve the purchasing center’s activity.

Process and Sourcing

Fully automated process from data sourcing using ETL (from operational systems such as SAP, AS400…) to data recovery.