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Harnessing Microsoft’s reporting tools to drive your performance

Clear, precise and easy to obtain, these tools guarantee decision-makers an endless source of indicators drawn directly from their data.

Solution BI implements Microsoft reporting solutions packaged entirely within a single tool. The complete compatibility between a Microsoft suite and a Windows architecture is ideal for Excel users, who will recognize the familiar features and structure. This last point is also a key to ensuring that they get to grips quickly with the solution.

Harness the capabilities of the two reporting solutions published by Microsoft:

  • Power BI: an innovative, flexible suite of tools with the advantage of being geared to mobile use in self-service BI mode, enabling users to both consume and develop their data via a user-friendly interface.
  • SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services): this BI solution supports large volumes at high execution speeds, and hence has the capability to manage data report histories. It is ideal for decision-makers who need a regular stream of structured reports covering all their activities such as daily round-ups, monthly analyses, and summaries of sales from the previous year or several years.
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Solution BI has been delivering expertise in Microsoft solutions since 2014

Our expert BI consultants will implement Microsoft reporting solutions across your organization enabling you to create customizable dashboards and access them in real time.

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"When the project started, we planned to work exclusively with Excel, as he had previously done. But the amount of data pushed us to make use of a more powerful automation solution."

François Dussault, Director of Energy Efficiency - Ambioner

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