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Financial Consolidation

Today, consolidation processes are unavoidable. They centralize all the financial data to offer a state of the art strategy of a structure’s wealth and profitability, all the more effective if this structure is divided into several subsidiaries.

This global vision of the financial situation will make it possible to certify the solidity of the company, as well as serve as a decision-making starting point for launching key actions (movements in payroll, disposals, restructuring, etc.)

Consolidation processes should therefore be a source of added value. However, the complexity of centralizing and recollecting the various data eventually renders this task difficult. This is why the consolidation and reporting software available on the market simplifies these operations. They save time and money for analysis, while reducing the risk of errors.


Transform your data into legible reporting

In this context, our goal is to advise you on the best practices and the most agile solutions of financial reporting and consolidation of your data.

Our consultants put in place tools enabling you to meet the increasingly faster closing requirements and to report more easily on group management, all while drastically improving performance.

Our expert consultants will assist you in the implementation of these changes to transform your data into manageable information for both internal and external management.