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Budget planning tools : Essential for a good enterprise management


Solution B.I proposes to implement budgeting tools adapted to your structure, and essential to the strategic management of your company. This support includes all phases of the project, from collection to transformation, by prioritizing the analysis of your data.

Drawing on our customer experience, our knowledge of your business environments, and our know-how on partner publishing solutions, we meet your specific needs and the objectives of your financial departments.
That is:

  • Audit, collection, and rationalization of all your data
  • Drafting of the features expected of the tool
  • Segmentation (subdivision) of the intervention perimeter
  • Implementation of secure BI solutions, adapted to users
  • Training of your teams for an optimal handover

Understanding your business, which is at the heart of our approach, allows us to implement a solution while taking into account your areas of focus, your problems, and your objectives.

The technological watch that we perform on our offer of budgeting development tools, available with our publishers, guarantees you the choice of an ideal solution. In the end, the simplification of your budgetary elaboration processes will ensure greater agility on a daily basis, and considerable savings in time for your financial departments – but also, a better overall performance of the company.