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BI specialist for your workflow / Planning and Forecasting
Budget planning is the core of a companies strategic thinking

Planning and Forecasting

Today, too many companies continue to favor data collection rather than their analysis as part of their budget preparation. They thus lose a tremendous added value: the decision-making aspect.

This is why we put in place multi-dimensional BI solutions, with features adapted to your needs to guarantee the success of each step of your budget planning:

  • Data collection, extraction
  • Implementation of automated reporting (sales, expenses, changes in numbers, rolling forecast)
  • Analysis of turnover variances
  • Simulation of sales volumes
  • Simulation of the turnover by defining different levels of price entry
  • Simulation of business expenditures
  • Forecast and projection of overall spending and revenue

Going further: simplification and finance transformation

The mixed profiles of our BI consultants, decompartmentalized and in touch with your business activities, allows us to lead large-scale financial projects from A to Z. We cover all corporate financial problems, from turnover to the development by the plant of production and product design.

This macro-vision of budgetary development includes all channels of a budget, namely: sales, advertising, marketing, management of the sales force, logistics, production, up to head office costs.

This is why we prefer to call this financial transformation: we simplify the entire chain of financial processes to optimize the added value of each step, with total control of costs — all while guaranteeing the final quality.

This large-scale analysis makes it possible to prioritize the different added values, and to optimize the set of costs at all levels, and in fact close: simplifying the processes in order to make decisions faster.