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Analytics and reporting

Managing the performance of the company in the most appropriate and impactful way possible begins with acquiring good reporting tools. The regular arrival of both reliable and easy-to-read activity reports will be a success factor for your decision-making choices. Once they are extracted and transformed in your BI solution, your data will provide you with the keys to understanding for directing your strategy.

Solution B.I implements reporting tools adapted to each structure, issuing KPIs based on the needs and uses of your teams. You will thus be able to choose the most appropriate activity report models, from the most classic to the more advanced features. Our experienced consultants are here to assist you:

  • Needs analysis
  • Audit and data collection
  • Customized choice of reporting solution (data visualization)
  • Implementation of the processes
  • Help getting started

The benefits of installing these solutions will be significant. The simplification and standardization of the graphic presentation of your dashboards will facilitate the understanding of your business. Nice ergonomics will quite simply make your team want to use them each day.

Finally, these user-friendly navigation tools will help you unite all the departments of the company by aligning your teams around the same consistent and reliable indicators.