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Sales and Sales force BI specialist

Achieving one’s objectives, whether it is the return on investment of a promotion campaign, the calculation of a distributor margin, or the optimization of in-store sales, requires an excellent management of business data.

Thus, the sales teams of SMEs or large accounts can boost their performance by equipping themselves with business intelligence tools that compile all the business data and offer better tools for understanding.

At Solution B.I, we provide the sales force with powerful tools that collect and centralize the business data in a reliable and quick fashion. These collaborative tools provide a deeper understanding of the sales environment, and can be pooled with marketing departments for greater synergy.

Innovations perfectly adapted to the sector

The latest innovations in data-visualization offer increasingly enjoyable formats to read, share and use. In addition, these multi-media applications allow you to consult and enter data at any time, from a smartphone or a tablet. Ideal for on-the-go business functions.

These dashboards will be the starting point in guiding your decisions and actions. They will offer new opportunities on your room of maneuver: for example, setting up a better pricing policy, or generating sales forecasts. Their large storage and data management capabilities, such as purchase history or order history, will help detect new sales opportunities.