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Historical changes contribute to evolving finance

Finance BI specialist

Big Data, the explosion of digital technology, accelerated computerization of data: all these major developments of our time make the Financial management ever-more complex.

The CFO has had to cope with these changes and develop new skills in governance, monetization, and data modeling. He is no longer confined to data collection, and is taking hold of modern solutions in order to become more agile. Today, the CFO is an actor in the digital transformation of companies

BI, for a more strategic role.

To push the strategic role of the Finance Department ever further, Solution BI offers you BI tools adapted to your missions: cost measurement, risk measurement, revenue tracking, cash management, financial investments … New technologies and dashboards will increase your responsiveness on a daily basis. With an overview of the company’s figures, the Finance teams will have more room to maneuver to launch sensible actions and manage in real time.

As a privileged interlocutor of top management, the Finance Department must also report regularly and propose a clear vision of the figures and their evolution. Clear and understandable dashboards will make it possible to set up simple reports to be shared with collaborators.

Finally, the BI solutions that we offer have the advantage of being “Excel-like”: the Finance teams accustomed to the massive use of these spreadsheets will therefore have no difficulty in appropriating the tool.