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Your challenge: Manage human-related data

Human ressources BI specialist

Human resources must deal with increasingly massive and varied data.

Monitoring of personnel, recruitment costs, costs and hours of training, wage increases, bonus on the year, payroll…All these human costs are a challenge to manage on a daily basis. But this data also forms a raw material with strong added value that can determine the set of actions and forecasts for tomorrow.

An asset to simplify your life

Business intelligence is thus becoming an asset: existing solutions allow you to manage elements crucial to your business, such as talent identification, talent management, workforce optimization, or long-term recruitment plans.

But also, other, more conventional financial aspects: projection (based on age, seniority, etc.), management of payroll, or calculating bonuses.

The software tailored to HR, including self-service systems, enable you to directly consult the data and indicators in full autonomy and in real time, from a variety of media such as computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Our experienced consultants in the HR sector implement targeted BI solutions that make your life easier. In addition to optimizing the functional aspects of your business, they allow you to devote more time to tasks with high added value, such as targeted recruitment or the development of human capital

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