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Supply Chain BI specialist

Our experience shows that logistics and BI work in synergy.

This business, which guarantees the flows generated by all actions, must make available and manage all the company’s physical resources. The management of these means is therefore crucial, since it directly influences the activity. Improving the management of the company or managing a global restructuring project are greatly facilitated through BI tools.

The supply chain in the face of globalization

Globalization complicates these missions: optimization of supply chains has become a real problem that makes the company competitive.

For example, by speeding up the transmission of client information sent by stores so that logistics can react quickly. This quicker arrival of logistics data will make it possible to adjust its activities according to the KPIs, and thus improve the company’s responsiveness to markets.

Our BI consultants propose to put in place tools for optimizing this information, synchronizing all these flows, and thus building a decision-making system which is entirely based on logistics data. Warehouse management, knowledge of all volumes, optimization of transport, optimization of supplies … We implement agile solutions that will facilitate the life of the users and boost the whole supply chain.