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Marketing BI specialist

Creating strong brands and actions with a bit of punch that retain and delight the client is the challenge for the world of Marketing. This business faces every day immense volumes of data relating to both the consumer and finished products.

BI at the service of Marketing also makes all the more sense when these actors have to prove the legitimacy of their actions. This is particularly the case for the return on investment of a campaign – figures required by management – which changes the landscape in terms of the decision-making process.

Measure your actions with BI tools

Therefore, equipping yourself with tools to better read and understand data, in order to improve all of your campaigns, is a real strength.

Today, digital technology is changing business practices. The explosion of online sales and data from social networks used to create consumer insights are a raw material with tremendous potential that our BI consultants can help you transform.

Return on investment, impact on sales, consumer studies: all this key information is obtained thanks to user-friendly tools with ergonomic and pleasant interfaces, which perfectly adapt to the practices of a Marketing department.

You will thus be able to benefit from a precise view of your activities and monitoring of the ROI of your campaigns via dashboards, indicating key figures, sales, and hot or cold prospects, which will allow you to control your overall strategy.