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Controlling and Accounting BI Specialist

The management controller is a key player: by virtue of its missions, it is the guarantor of the overall management of the organization with a view to improving performance.

Its challenge: analyze the profitability of the company and implement the tools that can propel its efficiency, while it must cope with the explosion in volume of data and the acceleration of reporting cycles.

Thus, the management controller assumes increasingly more decision-making functions: no longer limited to calculating budget variances, it is an integral part of the actors of change management.

Multi-dimensional and agile BI tools

Among these tools are business intelligence solutions and analysis cubes that allow the management controller to be more responsive to its environment and devote less time to execution.

It is no coincidence that many BI consultants, several of which within Solution B.I, are former management controllers who have subsequently developed a second, more technical profile: BI and management control are intrinsically linked.

This is why we offer multi-dimensional systems to management controllers in addition to their ERPs and Excel functions, in order to bring them toward more robust practices and to re-evaluate all aspects of their profession through business intelligence.

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