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Production BI specialist

Historically, production is the backbone of modern industry. Crucial, the optimal transformation of all components and raw materials into finished products depends upon it.

Generally operating in continuous movement, production is a management challenge for companies, which must ensure optimization 24/7. This movement generates a large volume of production data: correlating this data with the data stemming from other departments (Finance, Logistics) is a valuation factor for activities.

Improving the entirety of the supply chain

This is why Solution B.I offers industrial teams to develop tools to improve the transmission of information along the supply chain.

Changes in the level of stock, delivery volume, number of manufactured products by the minute, ratio of defective products, automatic controls of raw materials…By taking hold of this data, you are providing yourself with an overview of the activities and will be able to anticipate all future actions. The indicators for maintenance, performance, or quality will be a valuable aid to site managers and maintenance technicians.

Finally, mobile BI solutions, which make available dashboards from smartphones and tablets, are ideal for industrial operators who work in the warehouse or laboratory.