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Computer science BI specialist

Your information system is crucial: covering a very wide perimeter, it includes all of the elements involved in the management, processing, transport, and dissemination of information within the company. This base, housing all the bases of your data, needs to be, therefore, reliable, secure, and agile to effectively manage your activities.

Get your IS audited! Our BI consultants propose to audit the performances of your information system in order to draw up a clear situational analysis and point out the vital checkpoints.

This diagnosis will allow us to jointly establish with your teams the roadmap of your IS in a process of continuous improvement, in line with the needs of the users. The system needs to be able to rapidly evolve according to the objectives of the management teams, to present an optimal response time, and to not be discredited by corrupt data.

The benefits: align the operation of the IS with the overall strategy, secure the data for the more reliable indicators, an ensure the sustainability of the decision-making system. In short: improving the performance of your IS will thus lead to the overall, general improvement of the company’s performance.

Building new skills for your ISD

Solution B.I also offers training for your internal teams to better master the functioning of the IS, as well as support in the implementation of a governance in Master Data Management.

This new governance will bring significant added value to your ISD, which will build competitive skills and will no longer be confined to the maintenance of infrastructures. Finally, you will secure a critical data source and, therefore, retain your dashboards, all while valorizing a centralized approach, which will break down the silos between departments.