Matillion: The mastery and performance of data integration on the Cloud(s)

Matillion is an ELT (Extract Load & Transform) designed from the start for data integration on cloud data warehouses, regardless of the cloud operator.

Matillion takes full advantage of the processing capabilities of your data platform (Snowflake, Redshift, Databrick, Big Query, Synapse…).

All mappings created via its graphical interface are automatically transformed into powerful SQL queries that are pushed to the cloud warehouse.

Its connectors also allow you to easily synchronize cloud applications (Facebook, Linkedin, … +200) in your data warehouse, by configuring only the access codes to these sources.

Finally, its ergonomic and very reactive interface allows any developer on a classic ETL to be very comfortable with complex transformations in a few hours on state-of-the-art technologies.

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Solution BI has been a Matillion partner since 2019.


Our teams have easily enthused our customers’ BI teams to quickly translate their on-premise ETL experience into development and production performance on the cloud. Our capitalization on Matillion projects has led us to develop an automated deployment framework within a DevOps pipeline.

This way of working allows us to deploy in a few hours complete environments adapted to our customers’ contexts and to quickly start projects on a perfectly governed cloud platform.

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