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Outsourcing BI to make it agile

Whether they are looking to instigate their first BI projects or expand
the scope of their analytics, businesses come up against a shortage of qualified talent.
Given the difficulty of finding dedicated in-house resources – and their cost,
calling on structured external expertise is one of the keys to more agile deployment of a BI project.

A complete array of BI expertise

Mobilize architects, BI project management support consultants, functional and technical experts and trainers as needed

The benefit of best practices

Take advantage of lessons learned through our experience of a wide range of projects, clients and technologies.

BI in project mode

Run a POC or a migration, deploy a project or provide application support by mobilizing the best resources

Outsourcing BI to gain access to experts

The right dose of know-how, at just the right time, with a performance obligation: calling on external BI specialists helps businesses strike the right balance in combining their “fixed” resources – employees, on-site workers – with external teams of BI experts focusing on a one-off project.

BI projects that are outsourced in this way can be speeded up or given a global dimension. If the service provider has a global network of centers of excellence operating on all continents – as is the case with Solution BI – “local” projects progress during the night while global projects become the norm, rather than the exception.

Solution BI managed services
  • Combine in-house BI expertise and external specialists
  • Accelerate projects with a global network of centers of excellence

Solution BI Consulting:
Our expertise to drive your performance

Data & Analytics

Strategic, operational or technical consulting for all companies

BI Consulting

Architecture & Cloud

Expert subsidiary which business is hosting & consulting for your BI systems

BI Infrastructure


Training is the key to a competent
and knowledgeable team

BI Training

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