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Planning and analyzis of turnover and business expenses


Willingness of the commercial department to analyze historical data and to carry out projections on sales and trade expenditures per product/customer over a defined period of time.

Targer User Population

Business Management Controller / Commercial / Marketing and Trade Management Controller

Succinct description of the implementation of this application and its added value

Realization of a multi-dimensional application allowing to:

  • Carry out the reporting of the data concerning the realized.
    • Sales in terms of volumes and values.
    • Trade expenditures.
    • Increase in turnover.
  • Simulation Exercise (budget/estimated/rolling forecast).
    • Simulation of sales volumes
    • Simulation of turnover by defining different levels of price entry.
    • Simulation of trade expenditures.
  • Analyze the variances in turnover in terms of volume/mix/price between two scenarios.
  • Analyze for example the contribution to the growth of the launch of a new product or a promotional campaign.

Process and Sourcing

Automatic recovery of the realized if the tools allow it.
Feeding data planning via Excel or the WEB for planning and eventually implementing a workflow process.