Planning and analysis of logistics and Supply Chain costs.


Willingness to analyze and plan the flows and costs related to logistics and supply Chain.

Target User Population

Logistics Management controller / Planner

Succinct description of the implementation of this application and its added value

Realization of a multi-dimensional application allowing to:

  • Carry out the reporting of the data carried out.
    • Know the flow of goods of the company
      • Manufacturing
      • Internal transfers
      • Destruction
      • Sales
      • puchasing …
    • Know the stocks by warehouse and materials, the average storage times of the products.
    • Valuing different flows.
  • Impute certain logistics costs per product in order to refine the P&L by product
  • Impute certain logistical costs per customer in order to refine the P&L per customer.
  • Assist in the calculation of provisions.
  • Plan the activity (budget/estimated/rolling forecast).
    • Simulation of transportation costs for a simulation exercise and associated costs.
    • Simulation of storage costs.
  • Analyze the costs realized versus the planned costs and bring out the different effects

Process and sourcing

Fully automated Process from sourcing data using an ETL
(From operational systems such as SAP, AS400 …) to data retrieval.