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BI solutions and BI technologies
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BI solutions and BI technologies

Solution B.I is committed to providing you with the best of innovation to give you the keys to decision-making assistance. To carry out your projects, our approach has a twofold purpose:

Provide you with consulting solutions

A tool implementation always involves change management. Our BI consultants are here to assist you in this change, help you get started with a tool, and make your life easier. In complex environments, understanding your business activities and your structure is our strength. Change management, agile software development, project management, training sessions, communication plans…We put in place tried and true project methods to lead you all the way to the finish line.

Provide you with technical solutions

Privileged partner of our publishers and always on the lookout for innovations, Solution B.I is committed to training publisher-certified experts on at least one reference solution. Our BI consults, whose skills have been tested in the field, have in-depth understanding of data, as well as of the human aspect, which is at the heart of their approach. Depending on your needs, we are committed to offering you the most relevant expert in order to create made-to-measure solutions.

We believe that the perfect tool is the one that you will be the most comfortable with. Cloud, mobile solutions, self-service solutions: the technical maturity of your teams will be our priority in choosing the ideal solution.

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