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Founded in 1986, Tagetik is a software solutions provider specializing in Performance Management and Business Intelligence processes. With over 30 locations and 650 satisfied customers worldwide, Tagetik is one of the fastest growing software solution providers in the Performance Management software industry.

“All in one” tool

CCH TAGETIK is a unified Corporate Performance Management solution enabling Finance professionals to gain in efficiency and serenity.
Indeed, this tool optimizes technological investments and increases their added value.

Processes integrated by the software:

  • Budget and Planning: Reduce budget cycle time by streamlining and automating many tasks while facilitating collaboration between different planners
  • Modelling and Forecasting : The software allows you to quickly visualize the financial impact of changes made to previously constructed operational scenarios
  • Consolidation and Financial Close: Reduce costs and effort at monthly close and increase reliability and traceability
  • Reporting: Speed up the reporting process and automatically generate data in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
  • Regulatory: Simplify the monthly compliance reporting design process (Solvency II, IFRS 17, IFRS 9,…)

The solution is accessible at any time in the cloud or can be developed “on premise”.
Tagetik has an intercompany reconciliation tool that is easy to use. Workflow management for the different stages of report production is intuitive and equipped with advanced options.

The consultant’s opinion :

I have seen that Tagetik is an all-in-one tool that can build on these advantages:

Flexibility: the software is highly customizable and is characterized by its ease of use
Support: Tagetik’s teams are very reactive in responding to their customers’ requests.
ETL powerful, it easily transforms and loads data from multiple external sources without manual manipulation
At the moment, Tagetik has the wind at its back, especially in the financial world where many groups are adopting it for their regulatory reporting. We will have to rely on this tool in the coming years.