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The foundation of the BI environment: the datawarehouse

Datawarehouse specialist

The Data Warehouse is exclusively dedicated to the storage of all the company’s data, before they are managed by other tools and transformed in the end into indicators. Before arriving in this warehouse, the (often scattered) data is initially managed by the operating systems, then in the ETL (Extract Transform Load) extraction tools, and finally in the warehouse.


The Data Warehouse is thus at the heart of the BI system

It fills the role of centralizer and organizer, where to store and make available important volumes of data so as not to disturb the system. It allows you to increase the reliability of your data sources, which will not change and will not risk disappearing.

At Solution B.I, we put in place Data Warehouses for your structure that will secure and structure the set of your data, and thus optimize all your final dashboards. It will be all the more strategic for you if your structure is large and contains several operational systems that lead to scattering. Finally, its great abilities will allow you to keep all your entry history and thus create comparative analyses of your activity’s developments.