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Excel BI specialist

Much more than just a spreadsheet, Excel has become over the last ten years the most widely used data analysis tool in the world. While its capabilities are lower than an integrated BI solution, it nevertheless offers significant analysis capabilities: data mining, calculations and formula creation, presentation and layout, pivot tables…Would will go as far to say that it is a BI tool in its own right. Its true limit is its capacity for storage, extraction, and centralization, which do not make of it a tool on par with a BI suite.

More agility: the BI solutions interface will Excel

Because this tool is known and adopted by the vast majority of your users, and because we believe that an easy-to-use tool is a winning tool, we offer BI solutions interfaced with Excel.

This compatibility allows your teams to agilely handle a new, “Excel-like” tool, reducing the risk factors of change resistance and guaranteeing a successful implementation of the BI tool. You will thus find the simplicity of the spreadsheet combined with the power of a BI tool’s features.

Finally, because we also believe that it is necessary to have the choice, we also propose solutions not compatible with Excel if you want to implement change and completely renew the methods of your users.