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BI Mobile specialist

In the space of ten years, the development of emerging technologies has equipped the population with mobile devices, telephones, and tablets, with more than 1.4 billion smartphones sold per year worldwide.

An upheaval of equipment, which also shakes up uses: it is now possible to check one’s emails, social networks, and to have access to any available information on the go. And all this, accelerated by the gradual covering of the territory by Wi-Fi networks.

This portable usage has not gone unnoticed by BI solutions. If the first objective of business intelligence is to optimize the information that reaches the decision maker, the latter can now consult his/her dashboards anytime, anywhere, thanks to mobile tools compatible with smartphones and tablets.

This simplified access allows them to constantly interact with the data, to take a look at the KPI from any device, and consult their reports at key waiting moments (transports, shops, urban spaces, etc.). A strong point for companies that can manage their performance with great reactivity thanks to front-end software.


To go a step further: BI in self-service mode

The notion of “self-service BI” and the resulting solutions take up this idea of user power over data and autonomy regarding ISD.

Intuitive and easy to use, BI self-service interfaces allow users to view their indicators on the go, but also to interact directly with the data by entering the data themselves and by launching the creation of their own reports. The input can be done in real time, from one’s tablet. Ideal, for example, for sales departments whose seconded employees in stores can directly transmit information from the field.

Depending on the uses of your teams (if they are digital natives) and your corporate culture, a self-service solution can be a success factor, with a good grasp, and will also lighten the load of technical teams, which will be able to devote themselves to tasks with higher added value.

Attention: the success of a self-service BI depends on the level of technical maturity of the users, the reliability and cleanliness of the system, and the robustness of the governance put in place. Its implementation is generally a genuine change management. Our BI consultants will be sure to accompany you in these projects and define with you the best solutions to your needs.