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Dodeca: an innovative tool

Applied Olap BI Specialist

Distributed in France since 2010, the Dodeca solution was created by the American company AppliedOLAP, publisher specialized in the management of strategic reporting under spreadsheets, on which Solution B.I currently offers its expertise.

For this tool, still considered “niche”, in 2015 our BI consultants launched a project to develop internal tutorials in the form of videos and set up best practices in connection with Tim Tow, Director of AppliedOLAP. This sharing of common know-how allows us to assert thorough knowledge of the solution.


 A solution for making and managing your spreadsheets

Dodeca allows deciders to make, manage, and control all of their spreadsheets from a single agile interface that creates live spreadsheets from the EPM and ERP systems. Using Excel, the solution ensures ease of use and can be combined with other solutions, such as Oracle, Microsoft, or IBM.

Among its additional features, Dodeca notably brings to the Essbase solution a better ergonomics and facilitates its use for an ideal handling. The implementation of a specific filter optimizes navigation and allows you to find the right information in real time.

In addition, the management of user-defined Dodeca entries ensures a secure workflow control that makes the entire decision-making chain more reliable.

Our team proposes to implement Dodeca for you, and thus to transform your Excel reporting into a very reliable analytical solution, all from a single, easy to use interface.