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Analytics solutions / Microstrategy BI specialist
Since 2004, Solution B.I is a Microstrategy privileged partner.

Microstrategy BI specialist

With more than 1400 days/projects per year, Solution B.I has built a strong expertise on Microstrategy technology and has carried out many missions with its international customers. The BI experts that we put at your disposal undergo regular training, are certified by the publisher, and lead a strategic watch on the innovations related to the solution through publisher events and POC (Proof Of Concept) realizations.

Microstrategy Mobile

Analytics tool publisher, Microstrategy is a global leader in business intelligence. This restitution tool proposes comprehensive solutions for the exploitation and intelligent visualization of all your data through dynamic diagrams, dashboards, and customizable indicators. Completely secure, the solution is a formidable usability and generates reports in just a few minutes.

Always more agile, the platform now offers self-service features, with its searchable mobile solutions via smartphone or tablet. The user can interact on a daily basis with its data, in a fast and agile manner, and customize its bespoke platform.

Microstrategy enables decision-makers to have access, everywhere and quickly, to a powerful analytics function. We propose to implement your structure:

Contact us for any request for expertise, advice, or training on Microstrategy.


Microstrategy v10 Certification

Guarantee of quality, all Solution B.I consultants are certified publishers and recognized by the former.

Positioning of Microstrategy on the Business Intelligence market

Microstrategy has emerged on the Business Intelligence market by developing an integrated, centralized, and unified BI platform. The goal of the group is, today, to offer new, more business-oriented business applications.

Microstrategy has taken advantage of 5 large technological mega-trends that have transformed the daily uses of companies:

  • A powerful engine to analyze large volumes of data and serve an unlimited number of users.
  • Thin-client solution, 100% Web
  • Mobile solution on iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • Big data
  • Cloud computing

Microstrategy customers cover many different sectors: retail, banking, health, insurance, financial services, government, hospitality, gaming.

Primary features of Microstrategy

#Data Discovery

  • Easy combination of data from any source.
  • Cleaning and preparation of the data with a reprocessing of integrated data
  • Extensive library of displays
  • Advanced analysis tools
  • Centralized management dashboards

#Advanced analytics

  • Company prediction.
  • More than 300 native analytical functions that fully cover the spectrum of analyses.
  • Possibility to extend the functionality ready for use by integrating it into free open source programs and third-party statistical programs (R, PMML)

#Big Data

  • Big data exploration in self-service
  • Work with any type of Hadoop


  • Extensive library of tables, graphics, and displays of data ready for use.
  • Maps for geospatial analysis
  • Extensible visualization library.
  • Interactivity.


  • Wide variety of report styles
  • Several types of devices allowing for the display of reports
  • Powerful OLAP features
  • Very fast data access
  • Reporting by invitation
  • Flexible filters for business reports


  • Scorecards
  • Transactions: data changes on the fly, insertion of new information…

#incorporated BI

  • Integration of analytical tools in Microsoft Office
  • Integration of features in various portals (applications or Web portals)
  • Customization with the Microstrategy development kit (application programming interface (API))


  • Transmission of customized reports to thousands of people
  • Report subscription
  • Explosion: explosion settings make it possible to analyze a single report in sub reports for individual subscribers.
  • Alerts


  • Deployment on mobile devices: telephones and tablets.
  • Integration of videos, PDFs, presentations

New features of the latest version of Microstrategy

  • Desktop component: enabling a graphic analysis of data in self-service for users
  • Complete overhaul of the user interface in HTML5 (without Flash)
  • Advances in terms of performance and speed thanks to the partitioning and parallel In-Memory processing
  • A Hadoop native connector to access the HDFS file system data.
  • Thresholds on attributes
  • Direct import of customized displays: new workflow for importing D3 visualizations.
  • Fencing: reservation of CPU resources. Subscription perimeters and distribution expenses to avoid risks of instability, downtime, and to optimize throughput.
  • Push notifications for Android: custom alerts depending on threshold crossing
  • Support for new sources: with the 10.5 version, users can connect to OData and SAS sources
  • Support of APOs RESTful: data recovery of Microstrategy in JSON format with filtering capabilities to build custom applications
  • New Microstrategy Enterprise Manager dashboards
  • Custom fonts / integrated images on Android
  • Instant two-way communication: use of Usher Professional to communicate with users of badge for collaboration or emergencies

Advantages of the Microstrategy solution

  • Installation and configuration of the simple and intuitive system
  • Examples of projects (tutorial) and thematic projects (analysis modules) which allow for a better knowledge of the product and to see real-world examples of the components.
  • Advanced reporting tool that allows for the realization of a large number of development. Multiple graphic formats available, and highly customizable.
  • Integration of Microstrategy in other applications using the SDK
  • Automation of the overall distribution of results by email, printers, or files in different formats (Excel, PDF, HTML, csv, etc.)