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Analytics solutions / QlikView Qliksense BI Specialist
Solution B.I offers expertise in the Qlik editor's BI solutions with the QlikView and QlikSense tools.

QlikView Qliksense BI Specialist

Solution B.I chooses the guided and predictive analysis of the Qlik publisher. Whatever the job or the need, the powerful QlikView and QlikSense solutions will reveal the hidden richness of your data!

Qlik is a BI discovery tool editor

Qlik is a BI discovery tool editor and one of the world leaders in business intelligence, taking part in the industry’s race to the top, alongside Tableau and Microsoft.


Qlik is composed of two tools for meeting current BI challenges: QlikView and QlikSense.           

Principes Principles of QlikView and QlikSense applications.

QlikView, the leading platform for BI-enabled market applications.


Used to develop and deploy powerful applications, analytically structured to facilitate the exploration and discovery of “business” data.

QlikSense, self-service data visualization for business users

Allows everyone to create interactive, easily modifiable visualizations and explore them even more intuitively. qliksense

The principles and strengths of Qlik applications are based on :

Facilitating the exploration of the data, whatever the volume, through an innovative and associative engine. qix1


Enriching the user experience with rich and comprehensive graphic renderings

Meeting diverse functional and operational requirements

Improving design at the developer and user levels

Qlik in a few figures:

1993: Creation of Qlik; 1997: First commercialization of QlikView

2015: Launch of QlikSense

+ 1,700 employees, +100 countries, +1,700 partners

+30,000 customers and + 1,000,000 users worldwide;

Qlik Community: +150,000 members

According to the Forrester report, Qlik is once again in the running of visionary and comprehensive tools.

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