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ETL tools to manage complex data

ETL tools and data collection

Our certified BI consultants assist you in the implementation of ETL tools (Extract – Transform – Load). Often underestimated, this step is nevertheless crucial, and is frequently responsible for the failures of a BI project if it went wrong.

Once your data warehouse and your decision-making system is in place, you will need an ETL to power it. This loading system will make it possible to centralize all your heterogeneous and/or scattered data, then to pre-process them at very high speed.

Calculation, aggregation, cleaning, statistical processing: the processes performed by the tool are numerous, complex, and essential.

The exponential growth of data, as well as their degradation factors, are a challenge for ETL tools, which must demonstrate high performance for the decision-making system to remain in place.

This is why we offer you our expertise for the implementation of high-performance data collection solutions: