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ETL tools and data collection / Microsoft ETL specialist
Solution B.I puts its expertise with the Microsoft Publisher's ETL solution at your disposal, since 2014

Microsoft ETL specialist

The leader in its sector, the Microsoft Publisher offers many innovative solutions that our expert BI consultants customize to your needs and to the specificities of your structure.


SSIS for extracting and transforming your data

In terms of ETL (Extract-Transform-Load), Microsoft offers the SSIS tool (SQL Server Integration Services) to allow you to easily collect, extract, and transform your data, and ultimately render them usable for a Data Warehouse system.

This optimal pre-treatment de your critical data ensures an ever-more clean data source in order to make your future indicators more reliable. The processes of extraction, transformation, and loading are done quickly, and adapt to the large volumes of data from your business system.

The ETL Microsoft platform includes in particular management functions (for administering execution and storage), graphic tools, and transformations for cleaning, aggregating, and merging your data.

We thus provide you with a solution with integration, cleaning, and monitoring features, as innovative as they are powerful, from a single repository.